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Virgin Islands top 10 music videos of the week has continued to grow as we further development in our soft launch stage.

KGPVI Presents A weekly compilation of 10 of the most engaged and unique music video submissions from creatives in the virgin islands and abroad.

Virgin Islands Top 10 Music Videos of The Week – KGPVI #GoingBananas

  • 1. Chantal Browne – Walking Into You – (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)
  • 2. KingNitti X Yunggodd283 -Pah I From (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)
  • 3. Drastic – They Don’t Know Cover – Music Video British Virgin Islands Music
  • 4. Adrenalin VI Ten Toes – Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 5. Kelly Jr. – Love Trip (Lyric Video) “2019 Soca” (Virgin Islands)
  • 6. J. Bonez CAV – Virgin Islands In The Building (The Anthem) – Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 7. Junior P – Everyday Hustle – Official Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 8. Pressure, Niyorah, Junior P, Misael, Dushane & Ras Batch – Why Wait (Songbird Riddim Medley Video)
  • 9. Ras Attitude – “DO RE MI” (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)
  • 10. Papo Lion – Up To You Official Video (Virgin Islands Music Video)

Virgin Islands Top 10 Music Videos of The Week – KGPVI #GoingBananas

We monitor and track metrics and analytics of user data from unique visitors to the platform from across the planet and create the list based on the data. This is a beta program on the platform and will be refined as we go forward.

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  • Kimona stanley 5 years ago

    I love this song!!

  • ICE RAIN 5 years ago