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KGPVI Presents A weekly compilation of 10 of the most engaged and unique virgin islands music video submissions on the platform.

  • 1. Tia – Overdue Official Music Video
  • 2. Comeback OTSS 5GZ – KK ft. Beezy X Kingnitti5gz virgin islands music video
  • 3. Da Genaral – Smoke With Me virgin islands music video
  • 4. Prya feat. FeTheCat – All Ah Dem virgin islands music video
  • 5. Tic Toc Freestyle – Rudeboy Jett virgin islands music video
  • 6. StarLyan – Virgin Islands Corruption virgin islands music video
  • 7. BamVI – EAT (Official Music Virgin Islands Video)
  • 8. Shamall – Teacher (Official Video)
  • 9. Papo Lion “Friends” Virgin Islands Music Video 5Gz
  • 10. Revalation Da Royal – Gather Around (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)

We monitor and track metrics and analytics of user data from unique visitors to the platform from across the planet and create the list based on the data. This is a beta program on the platform and will be refined as we go forward.

Check out this epic top 10 Virgin Islands music video list!

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