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Dub In the Rainforest is a cultural masterpiece.

Our heritage shines through our art and music in ways we are only just beginning to harness and Kings like Laurent Tippy Alfred and Paul I-Sigh Cusin are leading the way in this charge.

We were blessed beyond measure with the opportunity to take our cameras into the heart of this most epic weekend of pure vibes and musical healing. It was an absolute Honor and Priveledge to be a part of this moment in History.

Our very first dub experience was nothing short of a Dream, Major shout out and love to George Armstrong Jr. and the entire KGP Virgin Islands Team for bridging countless gaps over this past weekend to ensure proper execution and creative control over this visual project. Major thanks to Kayc Livelovelaugh Charles and Kayc’s Kloset for the endless technical support, project mangement and creative insight.

We were able to capture the weekend festivites through our lenses and produce this first of its kind #VibeVisual with Live Performance footage of Pressure Busspipe, Jah9, Akae Beka, Ras Attitude and Tia Mason as an extended play, to give you a little taste of some of the amazing performers in the showcase that took place. With such an immense line up of activites and acts we condensed the footage, so be sure to get your tickets for Jan 6th! and Don’t Miss A Single Vibe!

One Love Kings and Queens. Keep Loving The Vibes, and Thank you For Rocking With Us Thus Far.

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