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Virgin Islands music videos have seen a recent improvement in quality and artistic creativity.

KGPVI Presents A weekly compilation of 10 of the most engaged and unique music video submissions from creatives in the virgin islands and abroad.

Virgin Islands Top 10 Music Videos of The Week – KGPVI #GoingBananas

  • 1. Eighty8 – Joy – (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)
  • 2. TizZi TizZi X AJ DaVinchi – Lay Me Down (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)
  • 3. Ghetto Need GOD” Bingy ft. Elmo & Latroy (Official Music Video)
  • 4. SIXAMILLION FIRST PLACE FEAT SNAPZ – Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 5. King Paebak – Ready for Real (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)
  • 6. Mada Nile & Unidade 76 – GIVE A LITTLE – Official Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 7. MuLLaH Gwop – Neva Done/Island Girls Like Calypso Official Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 8. Rena Faith – Why Wait (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)
  • 9. Kissinger – “OOOUUU” (Official Freestyle Video)
  • 10. Its The Rudeboy Official Video (2016 VI Hip Hop Dancehall)

Virgin Islands Top 10 Music Videos of The Week – KGPVI #GoingBananas

We monitor and track metrics and analytics of user data from unique visitors to the platform from across the planet and create the list based on the data. This is a beta program on the platform and will be refined as we go forward.

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