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KGPVI Presents A weekly compilation of 10 of the most engaged and unique music video submissions from creatives in the virgin islands and abroad.

Virgin Islands Top 10 Music Videos of The Week – KGPVI #GoingBananas

  • 1. Star Martin – He Lives In You Lion King Cover
  • 2. Virgin Islands Professa Dust Dem Aff – Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 3. Jugga Roc – After Party – Official virgin islands music video
  • 4. Adam O x Marvelus – Wine and Dip – Virgin Islands Music Video (EyeBarEye)
  • 5. Sixamillion – Stevie Wonder – Virgin Islands Music video
  • 6. CashTF x Niza X – DMX would Like This – Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 7. Ras Attitude – Marijuana – (Official Virgin Islands Music Video)
  • 8. Too Much – Jealous – Donn CashPix Official Music Video
  • 9. CHEAD Garrison Drive – Warlight – Official Virgin Islands Music Video
  • 10. Natural Scihance- It’s You That I Need – Official Virgin Islands Music Video

Virgin Islands Top 10 Music Videos of The Week – KGPVI #GoingBananas

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